Triumph Modular Inc. has been in business since 1981. 
Today we operate in two distinct markets with two separate divisions.

In our “Permanent Modular Construction” (PMC)  division  we are hired mostly as a Design Builder or Construction Manager to oversee and manage the design, fabrication and installation of permanent custom buildings, using the “off site” or “accelerated” form of construction. Our buildings are built to near completion in a factory and then installed on site, a process that is inherently less site disruptive and more efficient than traditional forms of construction.  Our experience and education has moved in lock step with our modular building pioneers, factories and industry peers who have together arrived at today’s deepest practical understanding of the do’s and don’t’ of modular construction.  We aim to improve the process with each passing project in order that our client receives the tremendous value that increased modularization can provide.

Our “Relocatable Buildings”  division provides temporary space which is purposeful and fulfills the needs of our repeat customers throughout many industries.  Examples of temporary modular construction include construction trailers, office space, temporary school buildings and emergency housing.  It is our opinion that a space can be efficient and green even when used short term.As an early adopter, influencer and innovator in the field of high-performance modular buildings we have built and installed numerous notable and award winning projects both permanent and relocatable.  PMC team members have 95 years of combined experience with the modular process.  Our sites have been learning laboratories for many and we are proud to be among the leading promoters of this efficient form of construction because of the value it has provided to owners under the right circumstances.  Proving the possibilities for ourselves and other modular practitioners that complex construction can be accelerated when necessary or desired without compromises to design or quality is among our proudest achievements, second only to developing a close knit team of people with whom we work daily.  We seek to gain knowledge in the areas of lean construction, green design and the necessary team building processes of modular delivery.  Our likeminded clients seek to occupy some of the nation’s highest quality factory built structures. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the best factories, architects, engineers, and subcontractors who are helping us to fulfill our purpose.

Memberships and Participation: USGBC Boston Chapter, National Building Sciences Off Site Construction Council (Pioneer Member) Modular Building Institute(MBI)(Since 1995) Permanent Modular Building Committee (Pioneer Member) Relocatable Buildings Committee, MBI Modular Education Foundation Committee, (Pioneer Member).  Visit our resource library for industry publications and studies.
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