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Register for our Free Lunchtime Learning Session Wednesday May 4th, 2022

Free Webinar: World of Modular – Trends & Take-Aways

The modular industry’s biggest event – 2022 World Modular Annual Convention & Tradeshow – took place April 25-28th.  Please join us at noon on Wednesday, May 4th, to learn about some top trends, key take-aways and case studies from leading modular partners, MODLOGIQ and Triumph Modular.  Fresh from this year’s conference, you’ll learn about offsite construction trends and how they were applied to recent projects including the Chelmsford Fire Department and Harvard Life Lab.




We’ll explain why modular was chosen for these projects and cover details about:

  • How modular buildings are designed
  • How site work is scheduled and conducted
  • How MEP systems are connected
  • How modular projects are coordinated
  • Pros and cons of modular
  • Logistics, costs and other considerations

Who should attend?  Design professionals. Planners.  Developers.  Anyone considering commercial construction.

Offsite Construction is changing the way that buildings are built.   Learn about these trends and how they impacted recent projects.

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